At Live Action, Safety Is Our Priority!

At Live Action, safety is of the utmost importance and we know that no project can be successful unless safety is an integral part of it. Accidents can be prevented with proper training, continuous vigilance, and planning. Live Action follows all Federal and State safety regulations and our safety standards exceed OSHA requirements. We consider safety in workplace culture, management systems and processes, health, and environmental programs.

Every superintendent and foreman receives the onsite OSHA 30-hour training program, which includes nine courses. We conduct regular safety meetings, discussing effective safe-work practices, and develop safety plans for each project.

Emphasis on WHY:

Many safety programs focus on HOW to stay safe on the job-site whereas we focus on the WHY. We teach and train all employees with an emphasis on WHY, as we believe it will create a lasting impression that will lead to a higher rate of personal ownership for workplace safety.

On the Job-site:

At Live Action we have a no-safety-no-work policy. If we find a safety concern on the job-site, we do not work until it has been properly addressed and corrected. Live Action employees are expected to know and understand what they are responsible for, and are held accountable for their actions. If a situation should occur, we expect it to be quickly and efficiently neutralized.

Safety Practices:

  • Do it 100% safe, or not at all
  • Hold yourself 100% accountable for the safety of you and your co-workers
  • Make sure all safety devices are in place and functioning properly
  • Operate in safe and controlled conditions
  • Accept the responsibility of performing work safely
  • Follow safe work practices and procedures
  • Involve the right person in the decisions that affect people, procedures, and equipment
  • Embrace safety as a value that is quiet, transparent, integrated, and equal

Our company was founded on the principles of fair dealings, excellent workmanship, and top-notch safety practices, and we proudly stand by those principles today. Our safety programs are backed by the policies of our company and we are 100% committed to maintaining a safe and drug-free environment.